Our history
Žlutá pumpa had very romantic begginings. A group of three friends decided to found a pretty coffee shop for themselves and the close ones. And as it was back in the 90s, all of these people had a very good sense for a stunning party.
When they had a nice fireplace they also needed wood, meaning drinks and food. Yes, drinks were on the first place back then.
From the very start foreigners were attracted by this beauty of a place, where wisdom was shared and so were bottles. Many professors were born there and their experiences were exchanged.
And so a genuine equation of Žlutá Pumpa was defined:
hard drinks + spicy food = noble fineness
The bar and cuisine mastery started to supply friends and customers. And so it began. In 2001 Žlutá Pumpa was opened. It was no sci-fi, no romance but a hard worked for dream of future professionals.
They inspired themselves in Mexican and Asian cuisines, where they already knew about the charm of spicy food which makes your life a little brighter.
Not long after they start to implement original foods to the menu, and new people get excited every day, making them fans and friends of the Žlutá.
We are nearby
Belgická 11, Prague 2

Business hours:

Reservations: 608 184 360
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